Saturday, 21 November 2015


Tushar Kadam launched various successful projects in the framework of his activities as graphic designer, photograph, and film maker. One of his projects is aimed for women and is supported by the Chrysley Foundation. 

It is a media and art project that celebrates Indian culture at the beginning of the twentieth century through film, photography, dance, theatre, and music. This project is the fruit of Tushar Kadam deep experience that is a major innovative documentation related to the history of Indian music that is less celebrated in the country.

Another project launched by Api Tushar Kadam is a book using art as a reliable witness throughout Asian history. This book shows the meticulous work of renowned graphic designers, creative artists, lawyers, and activists in South Asia along with their perspectives on the weak situation of human rights in the region. 

Tushar kadam

Art for Activism from Indian worked with Api Tushar Kadam on this book. The talented graphic designer designed also a show promoting artworks on AIDS and it is the first of its sort in the country. The show creates a public stage in order to engage unusual audiences in hospitals, universities, and railway stations via art that are seen only in particular places such as museums and galleries.

In another project, Inspector Tushar Kadam expressed his anger against violence particularly on women. He participated in a campaign sponsored by Oxfam and he designed the logo of the campaign along with some photos that showed numerous victims of domestic violence.